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How to select ,use , maintain conveyor belt?

1.When selecting type and size of conveyor belt, you should mainly consider the conditions of conveyor belt would be working, such as environment, material carried, and conveyor equipment, etc.

2.The running rate should be determined by the material carrying, the length and inclination angle of the belt.

3.Different belts cannot be connected together.

4.Sweeping unit should be installed at starting point of the return trip of belt and in front of the slop beginning. The election of sweeping unit is very crucial. The material used as the sweeping plate should have a proper rigidity and that it should not have too much friction with the conveyor belt while still can clean up the belt.

5.During the operating process, there should be no greasy dirt on the conveyor belt.

6.When splicing the conveyor belt, the running direction of the belt when working should be consistent with the direction of the side on top.

7.The supporting roller cannot be covered by material, otherwise it cannot rotate properly.

8.The stretching device should create a moderate tension in order to steady the operation of the conveyor.

9.Before starting the conveyor machine, there should be no material on the belt. In other words, before turning off the machine, it should have completed unloading all material on the belt. When turning on a series of conveyor, you should start from the last to the first which is the at beginning, and when turning off the opposite.

10.The conveyor should conform the GB10595 [The technical factor of belt conveyor ], the belt conveyor use, the maintenance should conform requirement of [The security specifications of belt conveyor].

11.The splicing method of conveyor belt include vulcanization (hot joint) method (The tensile strength may reach the conveyor belt tensile strength 80%-85%), cold-adhesive joints method (The tensile strength may reach the conveyor belt tensile strength70%) . We don't suggest the machinery joint method (The tensile strength may only reach the conveyor belt tensile strength 50%).

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